Hide Incognito Mode - a browser extension

This extension, "Hide Incognito Mode", does not collect any personally identifying information. It does anonymous collect extension usage statistics.

This extension does not do any background network communication to external sites (it doesn't "phone home" while you use it).
As you use it, it gathers usage statistics and accumulates them in your browser. This data is not collected while you use the extension,
it's only collected one time, at the moment you uninstall the extension, when you're sent to my website for an uninstallation survey.
If you don't want any data collected at all, simply unplug your internet connection before you uninstall the extension.

This extension is fully self contained, and does not load any remote code, not even libraries, nor does it talk to any remote websites. 100% of
 the code is packaged with the extension, so you can review and audit the code contained in the CRX file, if desired,
 and feel confident you've seen every bit of the code.

What it does track and collect:
- Date you uninstalled the extension.
- Which version(s) of the extension you installed.
- Extension usage statistics. For example, did you ever use "Bandit Mode"? Did you ever use incognito mode? How many times did you click the "clear private data" button, etc...

To be clear, it does NOT track or collect which urls, websites, or any data derived from the pages you visit.

All data collected is used strictly to improve the extension. Your data is never sold, or shared with anyone. I am a 1 person team.